Sunday, 22 September 2013

Teaching Mathematics

Teaching mathematics may seem to be a challenging task to achieve. But in fact with the correct and positive mindset, anyone can be a Mathematics teacher. Yes anyone, including you!

One with a positive attitude and readiness to teach, are always ready to accept challenges regardless in school, at home or anywhere. Learning happens everywhere, anytime! Indeed, there are so many mathematical concepts and skills to learn and teach the young ones. It may be stressful but one with continuous learning, upgrading opportunities and good learning dispositions, will learn new methodologies and concepts which in turn benefits children's learning one way or another.

Never ever stress a child if he or she cannot comprehend the mathematical concept. Give them time and encouragement, including yourself. There are so many implications for teaching mathematics. Let's take baby steps in delivering the information to the children. Remember, one's attitude towards Mathematics plays a big part in child's learning. If you think that you are incapable or in teaching, you will never be able to deliver the skills to the fullest.

We do not wish the children to dislike Mathematics and totally shut off during activity time. To enjoy and adventure in many possibilities is something we would hope for. Provide opportunities and support for them and engage them as they learn and explore the essence of Mathematics. Take errors and mistakes as part and parcel for learning. Scaffold and provide assistance in their learning and I believe with these strategies, the children will excel exceptionally and develop a love for Mathematics.

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