Monday, 23 September 2013

1st Session: Creating a Mathematical Climate in the Classroom

Tonight was a 'shocking' night because the first problem sum was so challenging. I was literally struggling with it. Never did I expect there were more to come. *sweats

Out of the four problems that were given, I enjoyed the Tangram activity most. As a kinesthetic learner, I absorb better when I can explore and play with the materials.

We were given 7 pieces of tangram of different sizes. It is also called 'seven boards of skills' in Chinese. We had to make a rectangle using these pieces. Initially I was totally zonked out because I simply had no idea where to start from. Thanks to my friend, she guided me along and I was enlightened in creating rectangles and squares using the tangram.

This was how I felt when I started the activity. Lost and overwhelmed. 

Thankfully, after many trials and errors and some assistance from my peers, I managed to create a few rectangles and squares of different formations.

The outcomes were surprisingly good. I thought that tangram would be an engaging activity for the K1 and K2 children. This activity requires children to explore, to experiment, reinforce shapes identification and orientation skills. I hope the children will enjoy as much as I do. As what Dr Yeap said, we all learn from social interactions and discussions and I do believe that it plays an important role in the child's learning.

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