Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fourth Session: Teaching of Measurement and Geometry

Since young, I've always enjoyed Geometry out of so many Maths concepts. Probably because is more hands-on and there are many possibilities for a question.

During the class, Dr Yeap enlightened me with this quote.

It is so true! I see how my children progress from the past months and they are always eager to learn new concepts now. So heartwarming and pleased that they are consistently looking forward for Math activities. Learning should never stop. It should be fun and enriching for the little ones.

That night, Dr Yeap gave us a few questions to ponder. One of the questions was to create many patterns as possible by just leaving a dot in the middle.

Initially I only managed to do 5 patterns and I gave up. I was surprised that there were so many answers when we shared as a class. 

Are you able to derive other patterns as well?

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